Steel blue wedding

Steel blue wedding

A wedding in steel blue is noble and stylish. Due to the fact that it is “cold”, it has something magical and mysterious. For a reason, since ancient times, wizards and magicians traditionally dressed in blue, moreover, people who knew the truth wore clothes of blue.

In blue lies the calmness of the sky on a sunny day and the whirlwind of passion of the raging sea in bad weather. Speaking of the sea, this color is “bottomless”, it literally pulls into itself and intoxicates. Quite often found in nature. Symbolizes peace, tranquility and devotion. It is suitable poised confident people who are firmly on their feet and have ambitious plans for the future.

Blue is one of the three primary colors, so it is generous in its shades. And these are not just words: we tried to highlight the basic shades of blue, and there are 29 of them, according to the most conservative calculations. And please note: they are so different from each other.

Steel Blue wedding in light colors

Light shades of blue will bring delicate and subtle notes of romance to the design of the wedding. They are very pleasant, peaceful. They include: cornflower, blue, steel, bluish, niagara, pale cornflower, sky, sea wave.


Highlighted blue plus a barely noticeable drop of gray, and you get cornflower: the most beautiful and very expressive. Named, of course, after the wildflower of the same name. Please note that cornflower suits all colortypes, so as an option you can dress up your bridesmaids in this color.

Steel Blue

Blue, particularly highlighted blue, symbolizes tenderness, purity and permanence. A wedding in blue turns out calm and light, I would even say airy.

This is a delightful shade of blue with a grayish undertone. Do the wedding decoration in steel color in a duet with silver: the result is exquisite, noble and fresh. It can be used to add coolness to a hot summer day.


A wedding in the color niagara is extraordinarily beautiful. The color niagara is light and unobtrusive, so it can be safely used in the bride’s image, decorations or in the images of bridesmaids.

Pale cornflower

Pale cornflower as well as just cornflower suits all colors. Moreover, it can even be added to the image of the groom: the simplest option is a bow tie or shirt.


A wedding in the color of the sky is something incredible! Celestial is simply mesmerizing, it’s so bright, delicate and alluring. Perfect for an outdoor summer wedding amidst snowy white flowers.

Steel blue wedding

Sea wave

Sea wave color is like shining from the inside out, it’s so bright, deep. All in all, pleasing to the eye and great for wedding decorations, and regardless of the season.

Steel Blue

Classic blue in comparison to the previous color seems somewhat muted, but it’s no less beautiful. At a wedding in blue, peace and harmony reign.

Bright shades of blue for wedding decorations

The intensity of bright shades of blue draws attention, invigorates and relaxes at the same time. Some of the luxurious and upbeat shades of blue include: blue, protective blue, azure, Persian, royal, azure blue, denim, Klein blue, azure gray, Bondi beach water, cobalt blue.


Decorating a wedding in blue is extraordinarily bright and beautiful. It is deep, juicy and appealing. This is just what cheerful lovers need. The celebration will be unforgettable!

Protective Blue 

Overall, in my opinion, the name “protective blue” is not the best name for this shade. But whatever the case, the important thing is that this color itself is just great! Photos from your celebration will be a joy to the eye for a long time.


Azure is one of the most pleasing shades. It is beautiful, soft and at the same time there is something majestic about it. The bride can wear jewelry with azure colored stones, shoes and add a colored ribbon to the bouquet – you will get a stunning image, gentle and unobtrusive.

Persian blue

Dreaming of an unusual wedding? For a wedding that’s different from everyone else’s? And that your celebration will be remembered for a long time? Then Persian is just what you need! Persian is the most complex and unusual shade of blue, it is as if created for special moments.

Royal Steel Blue

“Royal” speaks for itself. A royal blue wedding is the choice of kings. It’s luxurious, elegant, very textured and looks expensive. It is equally suitable for both summer and winter weddings.

Azure Blue

Azure blue is a slightly muted shade of blue: it doesn’t catch the eye. It’s like a “gray cardinal”: undeniably beautiful, but it doesn’t pull the blanket over itself. That is why it can be used boldly, without the fear to overdo it. And it is even better to pick up a pair in which it will be in the background: to cover the rear.


A denim wedding is not a sign that your wedding must have “jeans” in it. Denim is a color in its own right that can be presented in a variety of textures. It is calm, noble and just plain nice.

Klein Blue

Klein Blue is the color of the Nice sky, which was patented by Yves Klein. Some people accuse the artist of “appropriating the sky” on this occasion, others simply call it “the genius of the sky”. But all this is unimportant: we are interested in “color,” and Klein’s monochrome is really worthwhile. It’s expressive and majestic: a wedding in Klein’s color is cosmically beautiful!

Azure Gray

A winter wedding in azure gray is something incredible. Of course, azure gray looks good in other seasons as well, but in winter (when paired with snow white) it’s something superb! Plus, it lends itself to creating a vintage-inspired wedding.

Bondi Beach Waters

Bondi Beach Waters is another unconventional color in the collection of shades of blue. If you are a bold bride, you simply must wear a wedding dress in the color of Bondi Beach Waters: the effect will be simply stunning!

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is a rich, unobtrusive shade. Which is very harmonious with the festive events, whether it’s the decoration or the guests’ outfits.

Weddings in blue: dark, deep shades

Balanced, conservative and slightly restrained dark shades of blue represent: dark blue, indigo, ultramarine, blue dust, dark azure, Prussian blue, night blue, sapphire, blue black.

Dark Blue

The noble navy blue color will allow you to make a stylish wedding decoration that, among other things, will look expensive and sophisticated.


Of course, the color indigo has its place among the shades of purple. However, purple is known to be the result of a fusion of red and blue. At the same time, the color indigo is obtained by the dominance of blue, so it simply must be present in this selection. Indigo itself is amazing. You can use it to create bright, eye-catching accents at your wedding.


Ultramarine: A very striking color. It’s so deep, rich, and so darn eye-catching!

Blue Dust

Blue dust color: an unusual shade, with an interesting name. And that name, as you can see in the color palette below, is quite justified. At the same time, the color it does not cause negative emotions that we feel when we see ordinary dust on our favorite interior objects. The slight “dusting” of blue gives it a certain charm, sophistication and peacefulness.

Dark Azure

A wedding in dark azure will suit mature, calm people who dream of a solemn event without a single hint of levity.

Berlin Azure

Berlin Blue: One of the most striking darker shades of blue. It is equally good when combined with gold and silver.

Night blue

Blue is, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, quite common in nature. So the color night blue is another natural shade. And please note it’s just divine!


Sapphire color: this is a magical and very mysterious shade. It can be easily put in a chain: blue, navy blue, sapphire, in increasing intensity and depth. At the same time, the qualities of the previous shades seem to multiply in it, and they hide behind a veil of mystery, like the sky is covered in clouds during a thunderstorm.

Blue Black

Blue black looks very effective and expensive. And do not be embarrassed by its proximity to black. On the contrary, thanks to the “black” it has some charm and zest. In general, this color can safely use at your celebration. And by the way the groom can buy a suit in this color.