Aviation wedding

Aviation wedding

Weddings are always a hassle, especially when they are based on a complex and original concept. But if the idea of a celebration ignites everyone, organizing and preparing the event becomes a fascinating process. An aviation wedding is such a wedding. This theme gives you the courage to go beyond the ordinary, to create a completely new reality, to realize dreams and plans, to reveal your talents. To make everything go like clockwork, take advantage of valuable guidelines.

Ideas for aviation wedding decorations

For an aviation-themed wedding reception, the best style is retro. You can choose the austere classics of 20th century American ceremonies for an aviation wedding. The 40s and 50s are perfect for this. Invitation cards for an aviation-themed wedding can be presented in the form of boarding passes, plane tickets. Multilayered invitations designed with airplane charms would be an original option. Pulling the airplane, the guest can pull the card out of the envelope. Be sure to use airplane stamps.

Make the menu or the program of the wedding party in the form of a passport. Make bonbonnières in the form of badges with aviation subjects or special chocolates with thematic wrappings. The whole area of the aviation celebration can be divided into the luggage area with retro suitcases and the check-in area with an arch. You can use the first letters of the names or surnames of the bride and groom in the design of the emblem. The main colors of an aviation style wedding should be blue, lilac, diluted with bright flecks like orange.

Banquet Hall

The newlyweds can hold the airplane registration on the runway, or the airfield. The various elements and accessories of the wedding should be associated with flying, aviation. You can hand out colorful paper airplanes to the guests, which they will launch after the end of the first dance of the newlyweds. Place the wedding banquet decorate aircraft symbols and images associated with flight. For example, the ceiling can hang airplanes, clouds of absorbent cotton, small models of airplanes.

Show wit, playing around “aviation” elements of the wedding decor. Banquet cards make in the form of airplanes and accompanied by the inscription “prepare for landing. Think of the phrases and situations one encounters in airports and airplanes and bring them to the wedding reception. For inspiration, ideas, watch movies from the 40s and 50s related to the aviation theme. Don’t forget little things like pictures, model airplanes, flags, garlands, photos of pilots, and maps of the world.

Decorate the location of the wedding with aviation navigation signs. For example, in the check-in area for a flight with a certain number of guests will have to show a ticket to get a stamp indicating his place, in the Duty Free Zone guests will be tasting cocktails with the names of famous aircraft. If you decide to get inspired by the stylistics of aviation retro, bring elements characteristic of it into your wedding decor. For example, old photo cards, a record player, and vintage pilots’ helmets.

Aviation wedding

Holiday Table Decorations and Serving

To serve the tables at the wedding, choose the shape of trays and plates, reminiscent of some aviation symbols, such as airplanes. Such decoration will be very successful. Another option is tableware with a picture of aviation-themed objects. Decorate the tables at the wedding with seating cards for guests in the form of small models of planes and thematic compositions. Arrange bouquets, which will be made in the main “aviation” colors.

Original wedding scenario in aviation style

According to the scenario, the wedding banquet in aviation style takes place in tents on the airfield. An airplane lands in front of the guests, from which the newly wedded spouse emerges. All the unmarried girls present run up to him, but he does not pay any attention to them and looks for his beloved with his eyes. It is a peculiar scene of farewell to the life of a bachelor. At the same time, a retro style car drives across the field. It makes a circle and stops. The bride gets out of it. Her father comes up to her and accompanies her to the table of the newlyweds, where the groom is already waiting for her.

At that time, the flight attendant, playing the role of a stewardess, announces that the wedding plane is ready to take off, and all those present must fasten their belts. She is holding the flight log and begins the roll call of all those present “on board” so that the guests of the aviation celebration can get acquainted. During a musical pause, everyone can refresh themselves. Toasts to the health of the young people are played. The host announces the first dance of the newlyweds at an aviation style wedding.

After, the show ballet performs the stewardess dance. The host announces a contest. The idea is this: the newlyweds are going on a trip, but what are they going to fly on? With the guests of the air ceremony, the plane is kitted out – pilot, flight attendant, etc. The invitees gather at the place set aside for dancing, form couples. The host announces: “We’re ready to begin our journey through different countries. Our DJ is playing music specific to certain parts of the world: sirtaki, latin, rock ‘n’ roll. Which couple dances the best will win.

After another musical pause, the hostess announces the next wedding competition: “Our plane was left without stewardesses because they spilled coffee on their clothes because of the great jolting. Using improvised means, our men must build them new costumes, or we will face an emergency landing at sea!” Three girls stewardesses and three men are chosen. The latter are given rolls of paper towels from which they must make stewardess costumes on the chosen girls within a certain time. The use of paper clips and pins is not allowed, only knots and bows.

During the break, the newlyweds show a small documentary on a projector about the history of aviation or the fate of famous pilots. The next competition at the wedding is the black box of the plane. Any prize is placed in the box, and the host asks leading questions to the guests with supposed “yes” or “no” answers. Whoever guesses gets the prize. Toastmaster announces the final destination of the wedding plane trip (the finale of the banquet) and asks everyone to leave the tables. Everyone is given a small candle and the young people hold one. Guests use their candles to light the newlyweds’ candle.

The newlyweds’ wedding outfits.

The bride’s wedding attire should be a flying, lightweight one. Pay attention to dresses with skirts trimmed with flounces and feathers. A long veil will successfully complement such a garment. A lace dress with a train, small vintage earrings with cornflowers, dark blue suede shoes and a bouquet of wildflowers will look interesting – a bride’s image in the style of Grace Kelly. For the groom, the ideal wedding attire could be a suit, a last century aviator’s uniform, rented.

Dress code for guests

Inform your guests in advance of the upcoming wedding theme. If an aviation theme from the 40s and 50s is taken as the basis, inform the women and men that they should choose costumes corresponding to the spirit of that time. For the ladies, these are tapered skirts, airy blouses, dresses with sunny skirts, lace gloves, small hats, and for the men, check pants, stripes, solid colors with suspenders, interesting shirts, bow ties.

Options for an airplane wedding photo shoot

There are a lot of options for shooting a wedding in this style. If funds allow, order a custom flight. For an original photo story, visit an airport, aviation museum. Vintage airplanes will be a great backdrop for wedding photos. A budget option for “aviation” photography is a photo set on the roof of the house. This approach will retain the idea of airiness and flight, but will not take much money and effort to organize.